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29, Devica, Colombia, Colombia
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congratulate you on reaching the top three on your beautiful valentine week Rose My beautiful catwoman and cat mother, now you have 3 kittys Happy Anniversary Juanita, A World without Friendship is a World without Sun. Happy Anniversary Chocolate Wishes, I have to do...because where I come from, kisses to you congratulate you on reaching the top three, may all your dreams come true
For the Queen of Heart Happy chocolate muffin for the #1 model on bonga to stay long online :D
you are unique !!!!!! Here is some energy to go through the day ;) For the one and only Metal Princess! You are awesome metal queen! ????✨????
for the most sympathetic, charming and sexist rock lady in the universe.
kiss and hug you, my queen
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Pomembne podrobnosti o Juanita-Fox
Spolna usmerjenostHetero
Višina5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Teža100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
JezikiŠpanščina, Angleščina
Rojstni krajColombia
Sramne dlakeObrita
Velikost prsiSrednji
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soft kisses and caresses, gentlemen, nice words, kisses on the neck
O meni
Laugh, dance, fun and GREAT SEX, lets be friends!
Kaj me odbija
Jerks, rude and impatient people, men without manners!
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Delovni čas Juanita-Fox
Hi, guys! 🌺

juanita-fox Hi, guys! 🌺 image: 1

I bring unique elements to any time spent with me, that you may feel your daily life is lacking. There’s nothing more important to me than our time together. I love making you happy and making you laugh. I like frivolous pursuits and deep conversations. I hope to make a friend and build a connection with all of my viewers.

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My hobbies

Running, reading, traveling the world, trying new restaurants, laughing until my stomach hurts, learning something new everyday, volunteering, making my friends and family laugh and feel special!

Ich renne nicht, weil ich es liebe. Ich renne, weil ich liebe, wer ich bin, wenn ich ... #liebe #nicht #renne,âï¸ï¸Pin||ernikarâï¸ï¸


My Soul is Metal, My eart is Rock, My Mind is Techno.

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Juanita-Fox seznam želja
The best Gift to me. Why not? Im a Dreamer Girl
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Sony Play Station 5
Sony Play Station 5
Yes I want update my consoles :)
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My Dream Life
My Dream Life
Im studying to be DJ, I need my equipment. Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 - Reproductor multimedia profesional para DJ
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Komentarji (57)
19. 11. 22
Thank you very much for all these good times spent here.
You've become more than a
camgirl for me here, You're a almost friend (whom I've never met or eaten with, but...).
I wish you all the best and even more.

Kisses (where you want)
15. 11. 22
Eres una reina, recuerda eres la mejor y a pesar de todas las circunstancias encontra guardaste la calma para volver y ser la mejor.Muchas felicidades y que nada empañe nuca esa felicidad que llevas contigo.Gracias por la oportunidad de conocerte.Te quiero
15. 08. 22
miss you my dear...
5. 06. 22
Hello and songs for you - Guns N Roses Dont cry and Uriah Heep Lady in black
2. 06. 22
love you
17. 03. 22
La reina ha regresado.
17. 03. 22
You're so exceptional sharky queen !!! nothing about you is basic, everything is unique in such a good way, you're perfect and the energy and joy you bring is so incredible !!! I cherrish all the time I spent with you my dear you're the best and most exceptional ^^
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6. 12. 21
3. 12. 21
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I have a huge dream about my own Persian cat's Cattery! 

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With love for you

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